Horse Riding Holiday on the Mediterranean Coast

18 settembre alle ore 0.00 – 25 settembre alle ore 0.00
Luogo Tunisia

This great horse riding adventure will take you to the northwest of Tunisia (governorat of Jendouba) nearby the Mediterranean coast.
The region north of Tunisia offers plenty of memorable sights.
The itinerary starts about 22 km to the east of the Algerian border is the small resort town of Tabarka, where you will enjoy a ride on the beach and swim with the horses. We will than go through the Khmir virgin forest on the old fenice …Roman and Byzantine tracks. The riding will continue toward Ain Drahamn where typical north west Tunisian villages show up with their unique architecture in an amazing surroundings nature.
You will sightseeing the famous dike of Beni Mtir which reach an altitude of 800 meter and discover the ancient and fascinating site of Bulla Regia.
Local dishes and food tasting allow you to combine the pleasure of a horse-riding trail with the local gastronomy while getting to know a beautiful and welcoming country.


~ di cavallo2m su luglio 21, 2010.

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