LIVE Saturday ‘ASK THE EXPERT Q&A’ with Equine Behaviorist Cynthia Royal

Domani alle 9.00 – 18 dicembre alle ore 17.00
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WHAT’s BEST??? Classical Training? Trick training? Natural Horsemanship? Liberty Training? Clicker Training? Behavioral Conditioning? Operant Conditioning?
Join Cynthia Royal as she answers these questions and teaches you the BEST-of-The-BEST of all techniques to quickly, safely and effectively reach your goals.

– Lessons from training Killer Whales, Elepha…nts and BIG Cats: take-aways we can use in training the horse

– Stick or Carrot? Pros and cons of various training methods and tools including use of rope halters, round penning, lunging, lead-line games, training sticks, one-rein st…op, hindquarters dissengagement, backing up, clickers, motivators, rewards (including use of food), etc.

– Punishment versus Discipline: are you instilling undertainty and fear in your horse?

– Pressure and Release OR Ask and Reward? positive versus negative reinforcement and what works best for a prey animal versus a predator

– Equine Psychology and Herd Dynamics: getting to know the horse as a nomadic, grazing, prey animal

– Can I really change any vice, challenge or problem with Behavior Shaping?

– Training through positive reward: what is it, how do you do it and how long do you have to respond so the horse makes the connection?

– Honoring the Horse: providing the right care and maintenance of the horse based on his REAL needs

– Do I address or ignore an unwanted behavior? Pawing, cribbing, stall weaving/walking, wind sucking, biting, rearing, bucking

– Help with any problem or challenge you are having with your horse


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